臺灣花蓮地震 救濟籌款 Hualien Earthquake Disaster Relief Overseas Fundraising

🫂 臺灣花蓮地震 救濟籌款Hualien Earthquake Disaster Relief Fundraising
花蓮地震造成的損失,震驚世界,身在海外的臺灣僑民,除了為傷者祈禱,也希望能為傷亡家屬盡一分心意。北加州臺灣同鄉聯合會將從即日起到 4/24 接受鄉親捐款,整合後轉交給衛生福務部賑災專戶。聯合會是501(C)非營利組織,您的捐款可以抵稅。

In addition to praying for the injured and first responders, we as overseas Taiwanese are committed to relief efforts for those affected by the Hualien Earthquake. From now until April 24, the Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California – a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, will be collecting donations to be fully and directly transferred to Taiwan’s Ministry of Health & Welfare’s designated fund for disaster relief. Taiwan’s MOHW is currently the most efficient recipient for overseas aid.

請任選以下三個捐款方式,完成捐款後請email 到 tafnc.org@gmail.com (subject: 0403 Relief Fund), 告知姓名及金額, 我們才能確認贈款金額及提供捐款收據. 聯合會是501(C)非營利組織,您的捐款可以抵稅。In order to ensure financial transparency, after completing the donation, please email tafnc.org@gmail.com with subject: 0403 Relief Fund with your name and donation amount. We will confirm the amount donated on your behalf and provide a donation receipt. Your donation is tax-deductible.

捐款方式有以下兩種 There are two ways to donate:
1️⃣ Zelle: tafnc.org@gmail.com / Taiwanese American Federation of Northern California
Memo: 0403 Relief Fund
2️⃣ MAILED CHECK: Payable to TAFNC / 91 Kellogg Way, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Memo: 0403 Relief Fund